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Even the biggest RVs have limited space. This means that for every non-food item you buy, like clothing, an old one has to go. Getting rid of extra goods is as easy as finding one of the ubiquitous parking lot donation bins placed at shopping centers by charitable organizations. Run out before you refill. The one in, one out rule of RV packing extends to food items. Try to wait until your fridge is almost empty before replenishing your supply. Travel with critical supplies.

A Year of Full-Time RV Living (With Kids) After Military Retirement

Nunemaker, 49, and Miller, 41, who work remotely for their jobs, have now lived in their RV for a year and a half and love it. Nunemaker and Miller exemplify a growing trend, nomads who call an RV home. Other full-timers travel from place to place working on pipelines, oil fields or construction projects. Some may live in only a couple of places throughout the year. For example, a full-time RVer might hook up at a campground for the summer in Michigan but spend the winter months in Arizona.

Nunemaker says she and Miller’s cost of full-time RV living is “about the same” as when they lived in a house. Sure, your RV can cost a few thousand in repairs occasionally, but “Things happen in a house too, like the air conditioning or heat going out,” says Nunemaker.

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10 Things to Know About Living in an RV Full-Time

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Finding alone time when full-time RVing with spouse Dear RV Shrink: Like most couples, my wife and I have occasional disagreements. At home we can go to different parts of the house to calm down, but it’s more difficult in our trailer.

We left our apartments, drove halfway across the country and moved into our new home: To see this blog post in video-format, watch below! RVs are becoming popular again, and YouTube is flooded with people living and working right from their mobile homes. Do you want to know the truth about what it means to live in an RV? Every bit of space needs to have multiple purposes. Throughout our RV we have one table, and it has to work for a ton of different purposes, which means that coffee and laptops and groceries are usually on the table at the same time, among other random items, which gets old fast.

Part of the reason our table is so cluttered is the fact that we both make an income online … so office equipment is a must. Our RV is extremely dark, even in the middle of the day. Not only does it contain tiny windows, but we also keep it in an rv garage to protect it from bad weather conditions. Cooking is a challenge. For that reason, we are big fans of the one pot meals! Our closet is about two feet wide- and we have to share it between us.

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Newmar makes a nice product, so they are still a contender. While their fundamentals are solid, their floor plans and finishes seem lacking — staid even — when compared to Entegra. The huge plus is that Newmar will custom build you a coach with many modifications. Want that really nice kitchen backsplash from the London Aire? Another benefit of Newmar is what they call Comfort Drive.

May 05,  · RV Singles – new to RVing Posted: 2/9/ PM Gideon 70, you will have had such an incredible experience by the time you get back to Florida! I lived in a motorhome for 2 years and it was the experience of a lifetime.

Before we list our expenses and costs, we want to give you a good idea of our lifestyle in the RV. On the other hand, we are pretty frugal. We rarely buy new clothes and other personal items where would we even put them? We love seeing as many new places as possible as often as possible. If you are shopping for an RV, be sure to read these tips first to avoid making similar mistakes we did. RV maintenance including repairs and propane: We try to do repair projects ourselves thanks to YouTube to avoid the outrageous costs of paying an RV mechanic.

We also cook in the RV often and typically turn on the heat during the cooler evenings, which uses up our propane. When we travel, we typically drive miles. This means we average about 1, miles of driving a month. Our truck gets around miles per gallon of gas.

One more step

You want to go to Cambodia? Maybe I can get a puppy backpack and carry you around on my back! And so it was that we determined a life of international backpacking was not in the cards for us. One might expect that walking away from our professional legal careers, selling our home, and giving up the life we had built in Virginia would have been the most difficult things we did a year ago. But really, the toughest challenge we faced was figuring out how we could travel long term with our dog.

No matter how much we may have wanted to jet off to Southeast Asia or Central America with a backpack and a one way ticket, there was no way we could do that as long as Dixie was in our keep.

Cost of Living Full Time in a RV. Costs of RVing: Class B Camper Van Life Edition. We currently travel full time in a camper van. For a breakdown of van life costs watch the video below or check out the monthly reports. >>SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER.

Never been to a park this bad. Our site had the water and sewer on one side of the coach and the electric on the other side. No breaker on the box. Had to run the power cord under the coach No problem with power. Sewer backed up when I started dumping grey water.

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So here’s some random things that’s been happening in our neck of the woods I know nothing about it, so any help is appreciated! We are full time living in our RV since Sunday, however the closing on our house has been pushed back yet again and we are starting to get nervous.

This is a website and magazine dedicated to matching full-time RVers with employers seeking to employee the reliable, dedicated type of workers full-timers seem to be in positions compatible with the full-timing lifestyle.

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Choosing Our Full Time RV – Part 2

Ad RV Blog Sites: It’s a great opportunity to also leave comments and begin friendships over time, which has happened to us as we’ve met other rving folks. But aside from that, it is important to find some favorite rv blogs or sites that can offer HELP, which you will need at some point. Here are some ideas: This would be a simple rv blog that doesn’t just share personal stories – it also offers links and articles on tips, free boondocking campsite tools , stories of mistakes that were made which others can learn from, budget tips, where to find work, locating dump stations, how to guides, etc.

Searching for California full-time RV Parks can present a problem, only because there are so many Several RV parks in the Medford area have extended-stay sites where you may camp year-round.

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Legally Living in Tiny Houses: Can You Actually Live Tiny?

Now that we are no longer newbies and have some time and experience to reflect on our journey, here is our list of the pros and cons of this lifestyle. Campfires — For recreational campers, building a fire at the campsite is a part of the experience. For full-time RVers, campfire smoke is like dense pollution that quickly fills every square inch of the RV with little escape, minus a strong breeze in the other direction.

I am at a point in my life where full time RV’ing makes more and more sense. I used to RV with my dad and loved it. I have been looking at used RV’s for the past year and would feel a lot better if I knew where I could park it year round and live without worrying about $40 a day lot rent.

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