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In P3P, social links no longer reverse from either dating other girls or ignoring anyone for more than 90 days 60 days in girl cases. They will reverse, however, if you do something stupid in the relationship, like trying to kiss Chihiro before she’s ready. Also, unlike P4, girls cannot catch you on dates with other girls and since you can no longer double book Sundays like you could in P3 and P3FES, they won’t reverse that way either. In the original two versions, after hanging with someone you had 90 days to hang with them again or they’d reverse. Once you got the message that they’d get mad if they see you with another girl, that time shortens to 60 days. From then on, whenever you hang out with other girls, the time you have left to hang out with the serious girl is shortened by 15 days. So basically you can hang out with a girl on three consecutive occasions before you have to hang out with the serious girl again or she’ll reverse. But as I said, I’m fairly certain that this no longer happens in P3P. It never messed me up, at least. I can’t say I remember going past days from seeing a girl, however.

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Some of them are a little more difficult to begin, oftentimes involving talking to the same character more than once for a certain number of days to begin the Link, or obtaining a certain level in Academics, Courage, or Charm. Mitsuru is a good example of this, as her Social Link is only unlockable by maxing out your Academics. The opportunity to go on a Social Link event is shown by a speech bubble above the Link’s head with a!

Persona 3 Portable by Feinne 6/5/09 Well, today was the day we were going to talk about this ghost story again. > Bebe is pointing at a how-to guide for making a cute Japanese-style phone strap. > You decided to try and make one. Line up zis side and zat side, zen sew, sew, sew!.

Speed Dating Cougar Nyc – 4econtrols. Recommend reading this The Tao Of. Since persona 3 female dating Fuuka involves tasting her horrible cooking, She feels grateful to the female protagonist for supporting her to. Persona 3 is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus, and chronologically the fourth installment persona 3 female dating the Persona series, a.

Persona 3 female dating She is a sharp contrast to the male protagonist who is very reserved and concise where persona 3 female dating, on the other hand, is not afraid to interject into conversations where her male peraona would remain silent. Mitsuru and Akihiko try to interrogate her, but meet little persona 3 female dating. Mitsuru and Akihiko try to interrogate her, but meet little success. For Shin Megami Tensei: With red accents instead of blue.

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Persona 3 portable dating junpei Shin megami tensei Editors: Waking up in a strange virtual world with no recollection of the past, the main character finds themselves forced to. Junpei on the right. I felt that he gave off the impression that he actually cared about the people he was making s.

May 05,  · All the social link events for the Mitsuru Kirijo/ Empress social link, without commentary for guide purposes or simply if you want to enjoy the events witho.

With their help, SEES is able to explore Tartarus further and defeat Greater Shadows that appear every full moon, believing that by killing all twelve of them, they will be able to end the appearance of the Dark Hour. However, SEES learns they have been misled; by destroying the Greater Shadows, they have freed parts of a being called Nyx who will bring about the end of the world if it is fully restored. It is revealed that the Kirijo Corporation was attempting to do this ten years ago, but Nyx was released prematurely in a laboratory accident that also created the Dark Hour and Tartarus.

Aigis, a robot designed to fight Nyx, battled the being but was unable to fully defeat it, instead dispersing parts of it into the Greater Shadows, and installing the last part into that of a young boy nearby, revealed to be the Main Character. SEES encounters Ryoji, a teenage boy who tells him he is Death incarnate and that if they do not kill him by December 31, he will unwillingly usher in Nyx and the end of the world. The player is given the option to kill Ryoji at this point; if taken, the game explains that members of SEES lose memories of the last year, and show them leading normal lives until inevitably the end of the world occurs.

Though they defeat it, the avatar is able to still call forth Nyx; the moon splits open revealing a strange device that begins to kill people across the Earth. The world returns to normal, though the memories of the past year are lost to the SEES members. As they finish school, they come to realize that they each promised to gather on the school’s roof should they make it to graduation day. The game takes place over the course of a Japanese school year.

Each day goes by broken up into several periods such as “Morning”, “Afternoon” and “Evening”, with the Main Character going to school and then participating in selected activities during free time. The player may opt to use the free time activities to buy equipment and items at stores, talk to other non-playable characters, or spend the remainder of the free time either to build a Social Link or to improve the Main Character’s attributes, such as by gaining courage by singing karaoke.

Thus, the player must manage which activities or Social Links to improve in order to build up the Main Character for the exploration of the Tartarus. Certain in-game events will occur on prescribed days; Major Shadows will appear on full moons, there will be midterm and final exams within school, and school holidays give the player more time to work on other activities.

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That happened to me too. Maybe i played weird but my ryoji s. No doubt a big portion of the title is the concept of demon or rather, persona fusion, where players will get stronger and stronger by combining their persona and creating more powerful creatures.

Social Link board, you can see a reversed link with Magician Arcana (Junpei and Kenji) and a broken link with Emperor Arcana (Akihiko) Something rather funny about the Persona 3 video game is it’s comparability to a dating sim with what they call a ‘Social Link’ system.

Dralm Dralm 9 years ago 2 Why wont you use the guide I tossed my CB in and used a time of day stop code to solve that and even everything back out so i could continue to use the guide but honestly its quite helpful. Merid Merid 9 years ago 4 Then use that guide partially. Instead of doing non-dating S. Link, substitute with days where you can visit one of the girls. That’s not really a good idea though because while the S.

Yukari Takeba

Persona 3,” you have the opportunity to play as a female protagonist. Opt to play as a female and one of your secondary goals can be to become one of the male characters’ girl and date him. Two of your choices are moody outcast Shinjiro and his best friend, pampered rich boy Akihiko. Shinjiro’s Girl Increase your academic, charm and courage ratings. These three ratings will raise your social link score.

Persona 3 Portable Hands-On Preview Published on June 9, , by Matt Erazo – Posted in Previews 0 The list of RPGs that I can truly say I love is a very short one, but on that list, the Shin Megami Tensei games would be included, with the Persona series in particular ranking even higher.

Your Academics need to be on the Genius point, plus you need to have scored first on at least one exam. You can start her social link Somewhere in late November. Exact date escapes me at the moment. Level 66 Persona 3 fes dating guide for shin megami tensei persona 3 fes on the playstation 2, a gamefaqs message. Dating girl jealousy persona 3 datable characters persona 3 fes dating guide persona 3 fes fusion guide specifics. According to the Yukari, fuuka, mitsuru, yuko, or chihiro?

His voice certainly So I just got the top rank in my class for the October mid-terms, this being the first of the tests so far that I’ve done well on my academics are finally at maximum. During the cutscene when the results were posted, a message came up that said something like You can start dating Yukari after the vacation on the beach at Mitsuru’s house. You must go after her on the beach in the scene where she goes to the beach at night because of an event regarding her father.

You can start dating Fuuka when you max out your courage and have joined another club other than the Swim, For Shin Megami Tensei: Dating both Mitsuru and Yukari?

Dating just one girl

The loss of those amazing cutscenes No more 3D exploration Possibly steep challenge Confession time: Yes, Sony’s infamously-mandated requirement of a fairly significant chunk of the game needing to be new from PS2 to PSP ports has given us an entire story told from a female lead’s perspective rather than the usual headphones-packing dude, but in practice very, very little has changed here.

You’ll still spend the Dark Hour – that hour between midnight and

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Dating Mitsuru Persona 3 Portable BlazetheCat 53, views Persona 3 portable dating mitsuru. The game was highly rated You finally make it to the dorms where a young boy asks you to sign a contract and after doing so you are greeted by, Yukari Takeba and Mitsuru Kirijo. Official Shin Megami Tensei: Platform Sony PlayStation Portable. Release Date July 6, Mitsuru kirijo persona 3. Mitsuru kirijo is a playable character originating from persona

Who can you date in Persona 3? and how many can you date?

Page 2 The newest fighting game from the Arc Systems, the team behind Guilty Gear and Blaz Blue, is out this week and for most fighting game fans, that’s all they need to know. But the game in question, Persona 4: Arena , has a ton of history attached, reaching back as far as the late s and the NES. If you never played Persona before or any of the related Shin Megami Tensei games, or even you have, there’s much to learn.

Though the series is known for its density, well take you through the history of Persona and its parent franchise Shin Megami Tensei as delicately as we can.

Persona 3 Portable, one of the highest rated games on PSP, is coming to the PlayStation Store. The JRPG, itself an enhanced remake of PS2’s Persona 3, follows the adventures of a high-school student who joins a group called the SEES and does battle with various shadowy bad guys in .

Sorry, something has gone wrong. For the dude, you can date: Oh wait you can also kinda be with “Maya”. Well she confesses to you but cha, you may realize how that relationship could have “problems”. Can’t forget Maiko but that’d be creepyish As a girl there’s: Ken Cha we know he’s 11 or something, we’re still going with it! Rules of dating for a guy: You can only “date” one girl at a time. If you break this rule, both chicks because they usually find out at the same time will hate you and you’ll have a reversed Social Link on your hands.

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Next Persona 3 Portable: Now, my questions are the following: Can I have multiple lovers? I finished Junpei’s social link earlier than all the other potential lover

Persona 3 dating mitsuru persona 3 mitsuru social link. Comment For shin megami tensei persona 3 portable on the psp, a can start dating yukari after the vacation on persona 3 dating mitsuru the beach at mitsuru’s say well, sir faith, signior Deliro, I to have you play the alchemist with willing, the services she has rendered and the.

I do not bury myself in literature and usually if a good book is recommended to me I almost always wait for the movie. By contrast, this seems at odds with my affection for writing and enjoying AAA video games. But now, I have become enamored with an amalgamation that blends my love of literature with visual graphics into an interactive, non-linear storytelling mechanism. I am suddenly breaking for something that is unique, visceral and totally unconventional for a conventional gamer.

What is this hybrid-fusion of literature and gaming I speak of? Japanese Visual Novels for the computer. A passive experience for the first few minutes, eventually you will be lead to make a game-changing decision that can send the story branching off in several completely different paths. More choices will follow, until the path you choose becomes your own.

While multiple, branching story arcs are nothing new in video games they are certainly not a requisite for console games and in fact, most popular recently released AAA games are linear ie: Persona 3 Portable for PSP. And how did it come to pass that I discovered this sect of niche, Japanese-developed computer games?

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