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Guest Contributor April 1, Last updated: This is a guest post from Ty Karnitz. Gentleman readers, this is a call to action. Throughout history, men have used sports to test themselves against one another, and it is time we revive a noble sport which builds courage, willpower, and mental fortitude. What is ferret-legging you ask? A sad question — it proves just how forgotten this sport has become. The game is simple and eloquent. Contestants take live ferrets and shove them down their pants. There are, of course, a few additional rules to make the contest fair.

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Here, Gone, and Back Again: The Center of the West hosted a preview of the documentary in September It is with great pleasure that we introduce this handsome new species. Audubon did not have the opportunity to observe living black-footed ferrets. He assumed they behaved like European ferrets: In reality, black-footed ferrets are extremely specialized predators who live in prairie dog burrows and eat almost nothing but prairie dogs.

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What is a domestic ferret? The domestic or “pet” ferret is a member of the weasel family and a descendant of the European Polecat. Some other members of the weasel family are minks, otters, and the endangered Black-Footed Ferret.

WonderHowTo This Animal Welfare Foundation two-part video tutorial is from expert veterinary staff demonstrating the correct procedures for handling small mammals for clinical examination and medication. Its aim is to show that the primary consideration should be for the the welfare of the animal. This video guide will show you practical animal handling for a ferret. The techniques used to handle small mammals vary slightly with each species, however many of the general principles are the same.

When handling all small mammals, a firm but gentle approach is advisable. This tutorial will outline recommended techniques for handling ferrets. The adoption of these techniques will help to minimize stress for the animals and help reduce the risk of bite injuries to the handler.

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With just a tap your child will be able to hear their ferret dooking, listen to the baby ferrets cry and even hear the sound they make when sleep! Cute Ferret Puzzles The next activity in these free ferret games are the sweet, real life puzzles. These slide puzzles are designed with no distracting sounds or time limits, thus allowing your child to concentrate while they play — just like they do when putting together a real puzzle!

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Black-footed ferret at the Louisville Zoo The black-footed ferret has a long slender body with black outlines such as the feet, ears, parts of the face and its tail. The forehead is arched and broad, and the muzzle is short. It has few whiskers , and its ears are triangular, short, erect and broad at the base. The neck is long and the legs short and stout.

The toes are armed with sharp, very slightly arched claws. The feet on both surfaces are covered in hair, even to the soles, thus concealing the claws. Its skull resembles that of polecats in its size, massiveness and the development of its ridges and depressions, though it is distinguished by the extreme degree of constriction behind the orbits where the width of the cranium is much less than that of the muzzle.

Though similar in size to polecats, its attenuate body, long neck, very short legs, slim tail, large orbicular ears and close-set pelage is much closer in conformation to weasels and stoats. The top of the head and sometimes the neck is clouded by dark-tipped hairs. The face is crossed by a broad band of sooty black, which includes the eyes. The feet, lower parts of the legs, the tip of the tail and the preputial region are sooty-black.

The area midway between the front and back legs is marked by a large patch of dark umber-brown, which fades into the buffy surrounding parts. A small spot occurs over each eye, with a narrow band behind the black mask. The sides of the head and the ears are dirty-white in color.

Black-footed ferret

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And they sleep hard Sometimes they slip into a deep sleep, often called a dead sleep , that they just can’t be woken up from. You can shake them, pinch them or thump them on the chest, and they just don’t budge. Inexperienced owners panic, thinking their precious pet has passed away, only to have it open its eyes and look around like nothing happened.

They need their space and some of yours It could be all that sleep they get but when ferrets finally wake up, they need to run and play. Ferret owners need to be able to share their space with their pets. They need hours of supervised playtime each day, and without it, they may start to act out. But who wouldn’t want to play with these furry critters for a few hours a day? They stink Ferrets have a musky smell that can be very offensive to some yet is tolerable to others.

Having your ferret spayed or neutered may cut down on the smell, but it won’t eliminate it completely. They will take your stuff And you might not get it back. Stealing and hoarding items is part of a ferret’s nesting instinct.

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no – open to dating smokers though Socially, they are the life of the party, class clown, shy at first, but warm up quickly, comic relief, side kick, flirt, a couch potato, home body, social butterfly, better in .

In fact, ferrets come from the weasel family. However, it is important to note that weasels and ferrets are different, and the differences are highly significant. Generally, ferrets are known to be domesticated. As such, people would usually get ferrets are pets. Although there are wild ferrets that have a diet of small prey, domesticated ones eat insects, chicks, and mice. Weasels, on the other hand, are rarely bought as pets.

Weasels are not domesticated. They are known to hunt bigger rats, rabbits, and even snakes. Scientists have even noticed that weasels would sometimes kills for sport, and this is evident in some of the remains of weasel preys which are left intact. Although easily domesticated, ferrets are still known to be territorial species. Pet owners observed that pet ferrets can be very territorial with objects given to them such as toys and even food to the point that two ferrets may fight over a single object.

Weasels are also very territorial, but this is apparent as they are known to be predators. Because they are considered wild, weasels can actually pose a huge threat to humans. As mentioned, weasels and ferrets come from the same family, which explains why it would be difficult to distinguish a ferret from a weasel.

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Many people lump these animals in with pet rodents , but they aren’t rodents, and their care requirements are a bit different. With the right diet, housing, and care, these fascinating creatures can live five to eight years, so it’s worth your time and effort to learn as much about them as you can before you bring one home. A Healthy Diet for Your Ferret Feeding your ferret the right kind of food is essential to his health and well being. Their digestive tracts are quite short, and whatever they eat is digested and eliminated in about three to four hours.

She recommends feeding a high protein, high fat diet with minimal carbohydrates.

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